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Your good, the good of our kids, ours and their fruitful future are the reasons Kids Haven exists. Our mission is to offer kids high quality holistic nurturing through suitably staged, age-tailored child-friendly educational tasks and hands-on teaching and learning aimed at grooming our kids to become resourceful, creative, open-minded, and versatile in this dynamic world of ours. Our vision is to positively impact as many lives as possible through rigorous, reliable and balanced drills to raise generations of people who are fit to lead in every sphere of human endevours and be internationally competitive.


Welcome to Kids Haven Montessori  The pleasure is all ours to warmly welcome you to our website. Whether you are already a member of our great family or you have heard gladsome tidings about Kids Haven Montessori and are here to gather more facts about us, it is our earnest expectation that your visit to our website will satisfy you with, at least, a reflection of our identity as a swiftly flourishing educational institution that is tremendously impacting the lives of children right from their infancy, beginning with as little as 3-month old babies. Our prime interest lies is in the holistic development of your children through dynamic nurturing to fit perfectly into our ever-changing world.

This is the goal that informs our choice of ‘BALANCED DEVELOPMENT FOR A BALANCED LIFE’ as our motto.

We greatly appreciate your visit to our website and hope that as you browse your way through its content, you catch a feel of the ample care, gaiety, and matchless serenity of this haven that homes your precious kids. To our cherished reader who is yet to be a beneficiary of our state-of-the-art service provision, an authentic haven awaits your kid(s) and a family away from home awaits you!


As our corporate response to calls for a recontextualised system of education that meets the demands of current developments in contemporary education, Kids Haven Montessori School was established in September, 2015 as a specialised organisation that seeks to address current concerns regarding child education. A child-centered and parent-centric school, Kids Haven is an ultramodern school with a specially prepared environment of superior quality infrastructure, curriculum, extracurricular activities, high-calibre teachers, administrators, and non-teaching staff.


Ours is a homey educational complex with: beautiful classrooms that are resplendent with decorative and educative artwork; up-to-date teaching and learning material; a well-stocked library; an elaborately equipped playground to relax and keep our kids fit and merry through collaborative play; standard kitchens; hygienic washrooms, and well-trained and committed staff among others. In clean, colourful, and secure classrooms that are furnished with the most recent learner material and cosy furniture, our competent teachers nurture your kids from preschool through elementary school.